Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Improved your Security with Dual Iris Recognition System

Iris Recognition System is a part of Biometric Technology derive by Artificial Intelligence  to improved the level of security and bring accuracy.  It is a next generation biometric technology provide real-time image quality with 100% satisfaction. It is easy to use and has user-friendly interface. It provide high quality image. It is fast, simple and fully intuitive for all subjects, including non-acclimated ones.  The EF-45 face imaging sensor detects and displays the subject’s face at up to 1.0 meter from the system on the high resolution color display. It can adjust the size of image

In the present day we are seeing that Mobile phones are also using Iris Recognition to unlock phone. because it is considered to be more secure due to its transparent cornea, iris is visible with naked eye from outside, while retina, being on posterior portion in the eye makes iris more accurate secure than other authentication mechanism. Iris is unique for each individual but face can be vary due to plastic surgery, face mask it is considered as less accurate. Iris recognition is one of the least deployed biometric methods because of high cost of the implementation and its highly invasive nature that may cause some user discomfort. Still, it is used is very high security applications like military and high level government access due to its accuracy and high level of security. So if any sector want to secure their premises they must go with highly secured technology which is non- another then Iris. It is found to be the best, fast, simple, accurate, invasive biometric technology of next generation.

Key Features
  • Iris recognition has a proven highest accuracy rate. 
  • Iris recognition to have no false matches in over two million cross-comparisons.
  • Iris recognition is able to handle very large populations at high speed. It has the capacity to perform very large 1:N
  • Iris biometric is very convenient and the individual simply needs to do look into a camera for a few seconds. The process captures a video image that is non-invasive and inherently safe.

The iris is very stable and remains unchanged throughout a person’s life.

Comparison Between  Face Recognition  & Iris Recognition
Face Recognition                                                                     Iris Recognition

Non-invasive                                                                             Highly invasive
Low distinctiveness                                                                Highly distinctive
Low accuracy                                                                            High accuracy
Low security                                                                              High security

Hence, Iris recognition are very  reliable modality for biometric identification.  It is best mechanism to maintain large database. A large number of people around the globe have been taken on iris recognition, for security and accommodation purposes such as border control, and some national ID systems based on this innovation are being sent. Other than its speed of coordinating and its outrageous protection from False Matches, a key favorable position of iris acknowledgment is the soundness of the iris as an inward, ensured, yet remotely unmistakable organ of the eye.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Door Frame Metal Detector

Secure your home with Door frame metal detectors
TimewatchIndia is one of India’s leading home security systems. With expertise in Metal Detection, manufacturing facility, they work closely with our customers to gain a deeper understanding of their requirements. This enables us to constantly improve and upgrade our products at pace with changing times. They strive for quality and Innovation; this enables us to constantly surpass the level of quality and innovation which our clients anticipated. They are one of the leading Electronic Security Systems Company, exporter and supplier of door frame metal detectors. They are manufacturer of the door frame metal detectors using the best availability of raw materials and they are so designed with a proper base that they can be installed and placed well. They are very efficient useful and for security checks because they not only detect metals but also nonmagnetic stainless steel too.

It is an electronic device and it detects the presence of metal nearby.They often consist of a control unit with sensors which can, If the sensor comes near a piece of metal this is indicated by a visually and audibly.They are the leading manufacturer of the metal detector from the past 30 years with a wide range of products with stringent quality control parameters in place, our products are manufactured using only the latest technology and equipment.Our production units are operating out of a state-of-the-art facility which is backed by a strong R&D unit. Our attractive metal detectors are appealing to the eye with their striking designs — made possible by the artistic people in our workforce. Our products go through rigorous quality tests before being made available in the market. They are constantly innovating and trying to improve the quality of our products. With the help of our large distribution network, they have been able to deliver our consignments on time.
Benefits of Door Metal Detectors:
These door frame metal detectors are portable and efficient enough to detect even the smallest trace of metal in any place or luggage. The sensitive metal detectors in the door are also equipped with LED lights for the display findings. These metal detectors are mostly used in industries such as courts, airports and many more as well as in establishments like mint factories, jewelry production and many more.
Security is perfect with this Metal Detector. TimeWatchindia Door Frame Metal Detector is designed to detect both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals.It is passed through the aperture vicinity in any conceivable manner. It is very sensitive and has been used in the jewelry and other various manufacturing units to protect the various unavoidable pilfering activities.
Door Frame Metal Detector detect the metal particle hidden in person body. It is used to screening person and accurately detect the hidden particle with different sensitivity level.  It can detect person by screening their body part into different detecting zone. it can mostly installed in the government office, Airport, railway stations, Prisons, Army border, etc. It is used to detect the harmful material like drugs, diamond or nay small particle. TimeWatch DFMD is weather proof as well as waterproof to work on any environment.  
This metal detector is useful for the customs, factories and all high-security sites. It has a sensitive phase detection circuits and this circuits allow the user to enhance the sensitivity for certain group of metals and reduce it to the large extent.
Basic Features:
·         Easy to Operate, no especially skilled personnel is required to operate.
·         High Reliability, long life performance.
·         High Sensitivity and High Accuracy.
·         Detects all metals including nonmagnetic Stainless Steel.
·         Indigenous. Spare parts and maintenance readily available.
·         Robust and user-friendly controls and features.
·         Audio / Visual alarm on Detection.
Door frame metal detector can prevent your house from unsolicited entry through main door which can reduce the threat to robbery or theft. It can detect ferrous and non ferric materials that can be used to damage the door potentially.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Best Biometric Attendance Solution for your organization

With the advance in technology, anyone can easily know the attendance incorporate or who is visiting someone, with help of an advanced biometric attendance system and can access control easily. It is used to find individuals in groups under the perception. As they are the automated method of maintaining attendance to perform proper services to work more effectively. There is a company available in the market which provides you the best products that adheres to client requirement. They are well professional security service provider which has experience of many years and provides an excellent software solution to their clients with the superior product in the market. We understand client requirement and bring solutions for tracking attendance and prevent your organization from unwanted cost. It also reduces the cost of payroll error and help organization to manage their employee attendance efficiently.

We have well qualified and experience technical team who are very much dedicated to their work and they do keeps on testing to provide the regular update to your product. They use advance technology to manufacture their finest product and deliver it to their clients on time. They understand the need of their client and have started making the different type of biometric attendance and access control devices for their clients for basic as well has high level organization with flexible solution.

Furthermore, biometric system help HR to integrate payroll with proper time management to take out all task regarding attendance data uploaded into payroll like IN/OUT time, over time, shift, leave, late coming & early going, etc and smooth the salary procedures. They provide proper sales services and support for Biometric Attendance System in India in which their team will handle all your technical and operational issues timely and they are well trained to handle all your issues onsite or on telephonic.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Time Attendance Machine

Time Attendance Machine is used to track the employee IN/OUT time. It is used to track the total working hour, Shift time, Entry and Exit time of  employee. In this growing world maintain time and attendance is such a challenging task for the business owner to monitor their employee Workflow, Early coming late going, Work start and stop time etc. So biometric device gives the incredible solution to deals with the time theft activities. It eliminate the unwanted labor cost to company. The automatic system of marking attendance ensures the right employee doing their job at right time. The traditional method are not much efficient even not secure more it takes our unnecessary effort of maintaining data manually where it has more chance of spoofing and data lost. So the modern method for maintaining attendance are more efficient consist of Fingerprint, RFID Card, Face, Password and Iris.

Benefits Of Time Attendance Machine

When it comes to track employee and their attendance then TimeWatch Attendance System is the perfect choice for every business. It provide you the additional benefits and bring accuracy in maintaining attendance as well as transparency between employee and management. It restrict unauthorized access and simplify the attendance  keeping activities. It can work through verification and validation. Person used to scan their fingerprint on device the system read the ridges of finger and allow access to the users. There are many options available in market but timewatch gives you the reliable solution for Time Attendance Machine at affordable price.

Integrate with time and attendance software
Increase the security of your workplace
Prevent from time theft
Biometric terminals are easy to use
Restrict or grant entry to specific areas
Install in multiple locations around your workplace


As per the technological enhancement many sectors are moving through biometric solutions to automate their workflow. It gives additional benefits to industries to automatically monitor their employee work flow and increase security. Now a days many sector are deploying attendance system to track their employee entry and exit time and also restrict and allow access of resources to the employee. Due to many advantage many business like-
Health Care
Corporate are using Time Attendance Machine for easy access and accuracy.


Easy to use
Fast way to clock IN/OUT
Stronger security measures
Prevents theft of time
User friendly for all employees
Easily integrated into payroll, accounting and billing systems
Saves time when clocking time
Saves money by accurately tracking time
Prevents buddy punching, early punching or late punching by employees
It saves Paper
It used Fingerprint/RFID Cards/Face/Iris/Password for authentication
Saves unnecessary effort

We serve our Time Attendance Machine across PAN India like Bangalore, Delhi/NCR Gujarat, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nashik, Pune, Ahmadabad, Bihar, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan etc. 

Monday, 15 July 2019

Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine is used to measures the physical and behavioral characteristics of a person. Biometric technology uses the unique traits to identify and authenticate individual at a single instant. It helps you at roll back issue and also help  you to recover from false abundance. Biometric Attendance Machine has gained high popularity in the market due to its robust features of identification. In now a days managing the large no. of employee for the large company is not so easy. Biometric would be the greatest option for the largest companies  to automatically monitor the whole activity of their employee with greater accuracy. According to the research i thought every working space must require attendance machine to keep protect the company revenue from unwanted losses.  This robust technology guaranteed the accuracy and all spoofing activities at your workplace.

What is Biometric Attendance Machine?

Biometric Attendance Machine is used for identification and authentication of a person. It is used to identifies the person by their biographical traits. Because every person has their unique trait for identification which cannot be forge nor even stole. It is the very popular technology that monitor the employee in and out time. It helps management to keep a nacked eye on their employees and calculate the total work done including IN/OUT time, Shift time, Working Hours, Over time, Early coming, late going. It has all incredible features which helps employee and management to get flexibility of work and do also it is impossible to manipulate. An organization without biometric attendance machine has more chance for spoofing and data manipulation which will indirectly affect the company and their productivity. So the main purpose of biometric machine to prevent the organization for theft, spoofing or any kind of forge activity. It also help management to pay the salary to the employee for the working hours. It saves the unnecessary cost to company and also help management to evaluate the total working hours and work done by the employee accurately and efficiently.

Key Features:

It is used for anti pass back
It is used to fetch the real-time data of a employee
It eliminate the chance of spoofing
It gives proper track of attendance
It eliminate fake buddy punching
It give the better valued result in comparison of traditional method
It uses Fingerprint/Password/Card/Face/Iris to mark attendance
It ensures right person mark the punch at right place
It is easy to install as well as easy to manage
It saves time
It saves unwanted effort
It gives accuracy
It brings the good understanding between employees and management.

Wot to be the difference from others?

There are many device available in the market but when you want the solution which is customizable then TimeWatch Biometric Attendance Machine would be your greater preference. TimeWatch provide the customized solution  you can easily customized the device according to your need. It is the best platform who understand the necessity of your business and provide complete solution for time attendance. The offered device gives you the centralized data facility to track your company workflow from anywhere in the world.

We offer our service in many sectors such as:
Health Care
to maintain Time & Attendance of an employee. It helps to bring accuracy and manage the systematic flow of business to increase productivity of your business.

We have a PAN India distributor. We distribute our Biometric Attendance Machine in Delhi, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Nashik, Hyderabad, Chennai, Rajasthan, etc.

Monday, 24 June 2019

Hi-tex Exhibition

We would love to speak to you if you are attending the show which will be held on 27th June - 29th June 2019 in Hyderabad.  And would welcome you to come and visit us at Hall No. 01, Booth- A-132 to view our products, have a demo or even just to have a chat. It’s only few days left until #Hi-Tex, so get ready!

We will be showcasing our latest range of biometric device including our Software Solution and our newly launch Iris Recognition System in this exciting security trade show

Fire and Security Expo is the international trade show for the security industry. Security is the fusion process of identification & authentication. The purpose of security solution is installing a new belief to prevent from theft. Although security is a major concern for every business. The security world including biometric, Artificial Intelligence is always on searching a method of identification and authentication. There are several modes involve in present security solution like fingerprint, face recognition, iris recognition, to evaluate all process and full-fill the user requirement at the same time.
Exhibition is the best way to display collection of things under one-roof. Now let’s talk about why we participate. The main process of participation in exhibition is teaching & learning the new technology. Further thing to grow no. of visitor each year and witness biggest industry convergence. You can also get the chance to interact with the leading international companies during the event. Also get the chance to reaching out to potential overseas market.

Where it is conducted?
Exhibition is generally conducted in Hi-tech city at Hyderabad Hall No. 01, Stall A-132.

Service Offered on Booth
Service which we are going to offered on booth is Fingerprint device/face recognition/ Iris recognition and Entrance Series.

For  Visitor Information
Visitor should must have to carry their business card along with them because without Visiting Card entry is restricted in stall. So please be carrying your visiting card with you. Hope to see you at Hi-Tex Expo at Stall No. A-132

For more information on these products or to pre-book a meeting at the show please call our Delhi office on  9599953914 or our South office on 9599953921

Improved your Security with Dual Iris Recognition System

Iris Recognition System is a part of Biometric Technology derive by Artificial Intelligence  to improved the level of security and bring ac...