Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software is a technology to record when employees start and stop work, in addition to the department where the work is performed.However, the past few year attendance management software is increasing in popularity with companies around the globe. Companies are now eager to quickly replace the outdated time and attendance management software. Attendance management software is robust enough to  track and manage the IN and OUT time of employee smoothly. Our attendance management software is very powerful integrated with time clock, payroll system, scheduling feature to improve time and attendance of employee. It monitor and automatically generate report of an employee at real time. It provide quick access to employee and track the employee whole activity like timekeeping, buddy punching etc. 

Our attendance management software has many functionality to automatically calculate employee working hour, overtime period, track absences, holiday leave, etc. You can easily generate report from real time database. It has functionality to create shift, calculate and deduct salary as per company policies. Our attendance management software is designed to work with:
  • Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Biometric Hand Reader
  • Face Reader
You can also download or transferred data by using USB or pen drive. It ensure the high level of security to authenticate person. It provide access to only authorised person for door opening, transaction, punch IN & OUT. It play an important role in HR management to reduce time & cost, calculate working hour, monitor employee timekeeping activity, improve productivity, reduce human error, etc. As well as it reduce the workload and give flexibility by automating calculation of working hour of an employee. 


  • It also increase punctuality at work
  • It reduce time theft
  • Improve accuracy
  • User-friendly
  • Simple and convenience to use
  • Reduce paper work
  • Automating calculate IN and OUT status
  • Save money and time
  • Improve efficiency
  • You can use our attendance management software in schools also by integrating it with API to send SMS to parents about their kids IN and OUT from school. 

Technical Feature:
User Capacity :                          3,000 (Fingerprint/Password/Card)
LCD Display Screen :               2.4” TFT Color Screen
Communication Interface :        TCP/IP, USB
FAR(False Acceptance Rate) :  <0.0001%
FRR (False Rejection Rate) :    <1%
Verification Speed :                   < 1 Second
Operating Voltage :                    5V/1A
Access Control :                        Built-In
Battery Back Up :                      Built-In
*Door Open Close
*WiFi (Optional)

This modern technology give you the full-fledged of security in a single instant of fingerprint touch. TimeWatch has several year of experience in offering security service around the worldwide. We offer you the reliable service of time and attendance management to full fill your all business need.