Biometric Attendance management

Biometric technology is increasing rapidly for employees time attendance management. It can identifying and verifying people by their physical and behavioral characteristics. In now a days because of multiple benefit of biometric attendance management it has gained popularity in the market. It is very helpful for business owner to ensure the security by eliminating the employee time theft, time keeping activity, buddy punching, etc. It identify the individuals by measuring and matching the characteristics of a person against the information stored into database.

The traditional method of maintaining attendance is very time consuming as well as not secure because the business owner have to monitor all the activity manually. So that, biometric attendance system has brought the employee saves time, maintain accurate employee data, increase productivity and enhance the work culture in the workplace. The problem of time lost by companies for calculating the amount of total working hour, absentees, overtime, late coming, early going of employee is saved by using our biometric attendance management. It monitor employee total workflow from different location around the world and eliminate time theft and increase productivity.

 Attendance management software is robust enough to  track and manage the IN and OUT time of employee smoothly. Our attendance management software is very powerful integrated with time clock, payroll system, scheduling feature to improve time and attendance of employee. It monitor and automatically generate report of an employee at real time. Our time attendance management enhance the work culture and make the employees punctual and dedicated. 


  • It also increase punctuality at work
  • It reduce time theft
  • Improve accuracy
  • User-friendly
  • Simple and convenience to use
  • Reduce paper work
  • Automating calculate IN and OUT status
  • Save money and time
  • Improve efficiency

You can use our attendance management software in schools also by integrating it with API to send SMS to parents about their kids IN and OUT from school. 

TimeWatch offer you the reliable service of time and attendance management to full fill your all business need. Our attendance management software boost up your productivity by improving the total working hour of an employee with no human error. It is very robust software to monitor the exact working hour of an employee


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