Biometric Acces Control regulate access of your comapany resources

Biometrics is a method of identification and authentication of a person’s based on their behavioral, or physical characteristics and it is now being used in large-scale for identity management across a wide range of applications. One of the most common uses for biometrics is providing access control for restricted area and resources. In addition, this technology can be implemented to regulate access among companies resource, financial transactions, or transportation systems. The main purpose of biometrics is to determine or verify someone’s identity in order to prevent unauthorized people from accessing protected resources. Unlike the traditional method of security like, code and password-based systems or access card systems, which are not secured and thus information can be forgotten or items that can be lost, biometrics techniques provide access to the actual user which has unique key for identification.

In the concept, biometric technology is a pattern recognition unit that identify people by their biometric data, and compares that data with the set of attribute store in its database, and then performs an action based on the accuracy of the comparison.Unlike, it give the access only when the data will match. There are a variety of characteristics that can be used for biometric identification and authentication such as fingerprints , iris, hand geometries, voice patterns, or DNA information, and although there are certain limitations to biometric capabilities, an effective system can precisely identify an individual based on these factors. A standard biometric access control system is composed of four main types of components: a sensor device, a quality assessment unit, a feature comparison and matching unit, and a database. The TimeWatch are specialized in providing the effective biometric with all advance feature.

When we talk about access control then the parameters come into our mind is, the unique trait is input into the database, sometimes along with biographical information for the specific user in order to enhance security levels. Our Access Control System is already design by keeping the user's requirement in the mind. Our devices are very efficient and provide all the access and control to the resources.


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