Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal Preventing Employee Time Theft

Biometric Technology is a world most popular technology used from the past several decade for identification and authentication.  Biometric technology is used as a employee Time Management System because of its extra ordinary feature to identifies and authenticate people by their physical and behavioral characteristics. Biometric based Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal is getting popularity in the market because of their high benefits like (hand it, palm it, face, finger, voice, iris etc) is just an awesome. Because it can ensure the access only when the person's scan their fingerprint, hand, palm, face, iris etc on the biometric machine to get inside in the building, thereby it can also prevent employee time theft.

One of the most popular biometric technology is the fingerprint based Biometric Machine. In this system person's scan their fingerprint on the scanner, the machine read the rigid structure point of their finger and allow access to the individual to get enter into the workplace. It provide the key less entry and guaranteed the access of resource in the workplace. Fingerprint mechanism is very interesting type of biometric technology which can be prevent from employee time theft as well as avoid fake buddy punching. After getting popularity in market it has almost eliminate the risk of security to get hack, stole, forget, etc. Because fingerprint of every person's are unique which cannot be change by the age. 

In this modern world biometric technology is not restricted to just on fingers and hands, there are many other terminals for providing access of resource to the person's by face to recognize. Machine capture the image of the person's and use it to allow access of resource to the person. We are very grateful that we are the india's best manufacturer of biometric to eliminate the security risk and employee time theft. The manual method of maintaining In & Out clock time of an employee, maintaining accurate time attendance of an employee to remove redundancy and also avoid fake buddy punching. It is absolutely perfect to manage the workflow of an employee in the company.

One of the latest launched and more interesting type of biometric technology that deals with recognizing people by the Iris of an individual. It can recognize people when people look into the device the light will get enter into the pupil an identifies the individual uniquely. TimeWatch is the first launcher of Iris Based Time Attendance Device for maintaining attendance IN & OUT Clock time of an employee and also evaluate the total workflow of employee as well as eliminate the employee theft. Because of having complex feature it is nearly impossible for one person to clock in as another. It is more accurate, easy to use, safe & secure to control  access in high secure area, It has high security concern in context of verification, It increase performance and most importantly it eliminate the false rejection rate because sometimes it happens that the genuine user are rejected to get access that can cause failure. It ensure the better accuracy which is impossible to forge because it is static which can't be duplicate and not even change by the age.

We are very excited to serve our newly launched service to eliminate time theft increase productivity for company as well as for business owner.