Time Attendance & Access Control

We are the prime manufacturer of biometric products. We provide solutions for Time Attendance & Access Control with all security solution in a single instant. We offer the convenient and secure identity authentication mechanism to identify people uniquely. Our solutions are trusted by leading vendors in worldwide and is used hundreds of millions of times every day. 

We have set of biometric products in which  fingerprint based biometric device are very common used from 20th Century for convenient and secure identification in a single instant. We are experts in providing this cutting edge technology from the past several decades. From the many years of research  and presently this mechanism have been integrated into hundreds of millions of mobile phones and tablets worldwide to provide great security in a single instant.Our Biometrics product with integrated software (Desktop Supportable) provides the best user experience for products with small sensors and platforms with limited processing power and memory, such as Battery Back Up, user transaction, wearables, access control systems and the Internet of Things. Our advanced algorithm solutions can be integrated with any fingerprint sensor, operating system or hardware platform.

Everywhere Biometric is implementing like in Banks providing master card for access, Companies are giving card to their employee for door entry & exit and also calculate the total workflow including attendance, leave, payroll processing, Schools & organization used cards for managing attendance and more. As we know that demand of safety & security will never be ended and as a result biometric technology is getting demanded among business owner. With government initiatives contribute to significant biometrics this is also the important reason of biometric getting popularity in market and reducing the unwanted cost of company. With the rapid innovation in biometric technology field make the technology more advance for users to make the process of authentication more convenient and secure. These innovative technology and most efficient processes of human identification are increasing in frequency with every year. As these uses are increasing day by day, they are also creating some new trends and reshaping the way we identify humans.

Of all the trend we see in the field of security Biometric Device for Time Attendance & Access Control are finding to be the better and more efficient way of authenticating a person based on their unique PIN/CARD/PASSWORD. It can quickly increase their existing resources to accommodate and increased business needs or changes.