Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine is used to measures the physical and behavioral characteristics of a person. Biometric technology uses the unique traits to identify and authenticate individual at a single instant. It helps you at roll back issue and also help  you to recover from false abundance. Biometric Attendance Machine has gained high popularity in the market due to its robust features of identification. In now a days managing the large no. of employee for the large company is not so easy. Biometric would be the greatest option for the largest companies  to automatically monitor the whole activity of their employee with greater accuracy. According to the research i thought every working space must require attendance machine to keep protect the company revenue from unwanted losses.  This robust technology guaranteed the accuracy and all spoofing activities at your workplace.

What is Biometric Attendance Machine?

Biometric Attendance Machine is used for identification and authentication of a person. It is used to identifies the person by their biographical traits. Because every person has their unique trait for identification which cannot be forge nor even stole. It is the very popular technology that monitor the employee in and out time. It helps management to keep a nacked eye on their employees and calculate the total work done including IN/OUT time, Shift time, Working Hours, Over time, Early coming, late going. It has all incredible features which helps employee and management to get flexibility of work and do also it is impossible to manipulate. An organization without biometric attendance machine has more chance for spoofing and data manipulation which will indirectly affect the company and their productivity. So the main purpose of biometric machine to prevent the organization for theft, spoofing or any kind of forge activity. It also help management to pay the salary to the employee for the working hours. It saves the unnecessary cost to company and also help management to evaluate the total working hours and work done by the employee accurately and efficiently.

Key Features:

It is used for anti pass back
It is used to fetch the real-time data of a employee
It eliminate the chance of spoofing
It gives proper track of attendance
It eliminate fake buddy punching
It give the better valued result in comparison of traditional method
It uses Fingerprint/Password/Card/Face/Iris to mark attendance
It ensures right person mark the punch at right place
It is easy to install as well as easy to manage
It saves time
It saves unwanted effort
It gives accuracy
It brings the good understanding between employees and management.

Wot to be the difference from others?

There are many device available in the market but when you want the solution which is customizable then TimeWatch Biometric Attendance Machine would be your greater preference. TimeWatch provide the customized solution  you can easily customized the device according to your need. It is the best platform who understand the necessity of your business and provide complete solution for time attendance. The offered device gives you the centralized data facility to track your company workflow from anywhere in the world.

We offer our service in many sectors such as:
Health Care
to maintain Time & Attendance of an employee. It helps to bring accuracy and manage the systematic flow of business to increase productivity of your business.

We have a PAN India distributor. We distribute our Biometric Attendance Machine in Delhi, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Uttar Pradesh, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Nashik, Hyderabad, Chennai, Rajasthan, etc.


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