Time Attendance Machine

Time Attendance Machine is used to track the employee IN/OUT time. It is used to track the total working hour, Shift time, Entry and Exit time of  employee. In this growing world maintain time and attendance is such a challenging task for the business owner to monitor their employee Workflow, Early coming late going, Work start and stop time etc. So biometric device gives the incredible solution to deals with the time theft activities. It eliminate the unwanted labor cost to company. The automatic system of marking attendance ensures the right employee doing their job at right time. The traditional method are not much efficient even not secure more it takes our unnecessary effort of maintaining data manually where it has more chance of spoofing and data lost. So the modern method for maintaining attendance are more efficient consist of Fingerprint, RFID Card, Face, Password and Iris.

Benefits Of Time Attendance Machine

When it comes to track employee and their attendance then TimeWatch Attendance System is the perfect choice for every business. It provide you the additional benefits and bring accuracy in maintaining attendance as well as transparency between employee and management. It restrict unauthorized access and simplify the attendance  keeping activities. It can work through verification and validation. Person used to scan their fingerprint on device the system read the ridges of finger and allow access to the users. There are many options available in market but timewatch gives you the reliable solution for Time Attendance Machine at affordable price.

Integrate with time and attendance software
Increase the security of your workplace
Prevent from time theft
Biometric terminals are easy to use
Restrict or grant entry to specific areas
Install in multiple locations around your workplace


As per the technological enhancement many sectors are moving through biometric solutions to automate their workflow. It gives additional benefits to industries to automatically monitor their employee work flow and increase security. Now a days many sector are deploying attendance system to track their employee entry and exit time and also restrict and allow access of resources to the employee. Due to many advantage many business like-
Health Care
Corporate are using Time Attendance Machine for easy access and accuracy.


Easy to use
Fast way to clock IN/OUT
Stronger security measures
Prevents theft of time
User friendly for all employees
Easily integrated into payroll, accounting and billing systems
Saves time when clocking time
Saves money by accurately tracking time
Prevents buddy punching, early punching or late punching by employees
It saves Paper
It used Fingerprint/RFID Cards/Face/Iris/Password for authentication
Saves unnecessary effort

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