TimeWatch introducing the new Guard Patrolling System

TimeWatch is the best leading company of Biometric device amongst the other. As we know the demand of Biometric device is growing in international also because it help us to maintaining accurate record of the member of organization. We are coming up with the new biometric device of Guard Patrolling System which is specially designed for the guards. This new invention of Biometric device is very helpful for those guards who spend his whole night to protect our homes, villas, offices, banks etc. As the traditional Guard Patrolling System is not that much secured because we cannot analyse the workdone of guard at night times. Moreover, we do not authenticate which guard is doing patrolling and for wot period of time he has does his duty.

So we are introducing the most accurate and user-friendly device to analyse the whole report which is actually done by the guard. It help Guards to monitor:

Villas and Flats.
Banks and offices
Public transport time table verification.
Hotel and hospital housekeeping logging.

PT100, RFID  and many more are the most accurate device specially designed for Guard Patrolling System. It help to generate the actual workflow of the guard otherwise mismatch can be happen.

We offered you PT100 Guard Patrolling System is very effective. It work in a single Fingerprint touch. As it is wireless so it is easy to carry by the security guards. It is easy to use. Although it help us to ensure that the ''right" employee makes his or her duty at the correct interval of time.