Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Biometric World

Biometrics is a field of science that uses computer technology that is artificial intelligence to identify people based on there physical or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprints or voice scan identification of an individual. Biometric is increasing and spreading in a wide range to make the workflow more efficient and secure. It is a part of artificial intelligence to make the workplace more secure and efficient. It reduce the tension of remembering password and secure data on database.

It also helps employees increase their productivity by providing instant identification for time cards, payroll processing, computer logins, phone or copy machine usage, and myriad other purposes. It also help to track and identifying the terrorism. In this biometric world biometric is gaining more reviews and demand to make the data upto date. 

The most important use of biometric is it decrease the workload of remembering password, It provide relieves to the person from remembering dozens of different passwords to company computer networks, e-mail systems, Web sites, etc. Biometric is very efficient to those person who faced problems of remembering different password of every individual. Generally, the people used to make a sheet of password of there individual access for recovering loss of password but it is not secured because it has security risk.

Biometric gives you a perfect solution for remembering dozen of password in a single thumb scan. This technique is highly secured because no two finger are same. That's because Biometric become the most relevant and reliable technology of today's world for authentication and security issues.

The main biometrics systems on the market work by scanning an individual's fingerprints, hands, face, iris, retina, voice pattern, signature, or strokes on a keyboard.

Monday, 29 October 2018

Biometric Technology Today

Biometrics is the study of methods for uniquely identifying humans based on physical or behavioral traits. After decades of research activities, biometrics, is a well-known artificial intelligence system based on the binary system to identify and authenticate people uniquely. It has advanced specification both in practical technology and theoretical discovery. Increasing use of biometric increasing demand in society. It generally uses pattern matching technique. It is based on the binary system to store and read data from database in 0 or 1 pattern only. It utilizes pattern verification like finger print matching, iris blood vessel pattern, facial geometry, hand geometry, etc....

It has unique feature with having high level of security. I am pitty sure that biometric has make your life easier today. As it has reduce risk, tension of lossing data, remembering & forgetting password, always carrying a key with you and much more things. It reduced the tension of business owner, IT companies to have more secured workstation.

The rate of change within the biometric industry is staggering. What was once a futuristic concept is here and now.
Whether you are an end-user, a developer, a vendor, an integrator or an investor in biometricsBiometric Technology Today gives you immediate access to authoritative information on key...  
TimeWatch Infocom pvt. ltd. is prime leading company in the field of biometric devices. We are one of the best service provider of ZKTeco products. Our services are very user friendly and convenient.We have large collection of biometric products according to the requirements of users  and clients today.

Friday, 26 October 2018

TimeWatch Introduces Fingerprint Access Control System

TimeWatch is always eager to add up new products in their product list. So we are now introducing a new product name called Fingerprint Access Control System. Fingerprint recognition is a well-known biometric device. There are many other biometric device which is getting popularity in now a days. But Fingerprint device is more relevant and effective device for the end users. It is a very efficient method of identifying person amongst the another person with its finger line pattern. On the other hand Fingerprint biometric device is getting used in public and private sector. It is also getting familiarity among end-user by there easier,simpler and accurate characteristics.

Fingerprint recognition device used to identify the person with his Fingerprint impression. As well as it is difficult to get fraud because Fingerprint pattern can vary significantly person by person. No two person can have identical Fingerprint pattern at there finger. This biometric device provide the security in a single touch. In today's era the technology is developed rapidly everyone want the remote access control to protect their data and maintain the accurate report.

When the person scan his finger the sensor of that biometric device will read his/her pattern and convert in encrypted form. It offer the high level of security. Fingerprint identification is more secured, faster as well as more convenient to use for the end-users. This is the best accurate method available in biometrics product. It is less expensive in comparison of other biometric device. For that reason when it comes to security it is getting used in private sector, government sector,banking sector, etc.

This Fingerprint recognition device is based on the shape of the finger of your hand. Go for the TimeWatch Fingerprint Biometric Access Control System and enhance the security level with one smart Fingerprint touch.

Access Control System

TimeWatch is a global leader in security solutions. It provide the physical security and access control. It provide simple and single factor to prevent data. As the security factor is increases everyone should have access control at there end. In which the user credential is stored in a reader. So that the system compares that user’s credentials against an access control list and decides either allow or block access. when the authorized user access the security device the machine will first authenticate the unique user and then provide the access control to the users.

We are the best service provider of physical security and access control system in PAN india. Our team are working from several years to improve school security and sustainability trends that impact access control. The data of access control is stored on cloud. It is used for identity management as well as it is used to  improve the quality of healthcare in pharmacies and maternity wards. 

We have the various  biometric device for access control such as 

Face recognition device
Card based access control
Biometric access control

Access control is a open source software provide high security and its data is stored on cloud. Biometric device is the best example of  access control system because it give access to the authorized user in a single touch. It give the surety of security of our credential.  

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Uses Of Biometric In Everyday Life

The popularity of demand of biometric devices increasing rapidly with trend and time. By the day passing the trend of biometric technology is becoming more and more popular, advanced, easier, faster, secure and convenient to use by the end-user. Biometric devices is used for unique identification and authorization. I am petty sure that the advancement in Biometric will definetly change the face of world in coming few year. There is increase in frequency of use of biometric device in every sector is become very trendy.

As you know that TimeWatch have been working in the field of Biometric device from the several years. Our expertise  has hand-on experience on Biometric device since from several years. Biometric is becoming a growing trend with Timewatch . Biometric technology have specification to monitor and store the information for access control and security. As the world is growing in  technology and have started opting the digital platform so that the trend of Biometric is also becoming very popular and demanded everywhere for its digital security.

Now in every section the society has started opting the intelligence system because it can ease our problems. Biometric device is also a part of intelligence system which work digitally to secure our important credential. I want to tell u that the trend of Biometric is coming from 19th century. At that time the police used Biometric device to track or arrest the criminal. Even at the border the commander used Biometric to track the security.

The Biometric is becoming more and more trendy and used-to in our dailylife such as iphone have fingerprint sensor to secure your phone from unauthorized access. It also become trendy in our society such as:

Education sector
Mobile phones
Bank.. etc.

TimeWatch Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is the best leading company in the field of Biometric device. It is used to solve the security issues.You can visit our website and opt for different biometric devices.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Information Security Research

In the security research TimeWatchindia has long time experience in the Biometric Security System. The Biometric machine have very fruitful functionality. As you know that the Biometric device is best in identifying and authenticate the actual user. The most important use of Biometric system to protect and provide security for information system. Biometric device is very useful it provide security, integrity, reliability to the system. In the recent research on information security Biometric device is trait in demand. Biometric security system is in demand now because it provides the satisfactory performance. Due to having a great accuracy of performance Biometric system is used in many places where the evaluation of performance can be estimated easily and fastly such places are:

Corporate... etc.

 For the different cases there are various Biometric devices are available with great accuracy, performance, evaluation and recognition. With the increasing demand of Biometric device the government is also started moving on Biometric because of its better accuracy, security, user-friendly and reliability. Biometric device is becoming popular in nation-wide because of its robustness,security system, realistic feature. It provide the great result of performance.

There are many Biometric device used for security system for facial recognition, voice recognition, password key, retina, iris, card recognition, fingerprint sensor and many more.

Facial recognition: Facial recognition is a Biometric system used to uniquely identifying the person by comparing the facial contour of a person

Voice recognition: Voice recognition biometric device is used to identifying the person based on his voice.

Fingerprint: Fingerprint is the well-known biometric. It provide the accurate solution of security. It is more secured because no one can have similar finger impression and it prevent us by fraud.

There are many Biometric system provided by TimeWatch to ease your problem and give the easier and accurate result.  

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Latest Biometric Security Trends

TimeWatchindia is a fast moving Biometric company. The Biometric device is accessible through internet with the help of personal device like Mobile and Computer. Biometric Technology is increasing in demand as it can ease the work load of data management for business owner. As the natural process of security is not secured enough. That's why TimeWatch coming up with the latest technology of security which is more Faster, Easier and Secured.

In this digital era we all are eager to do our work with less effort and in effective manner. Such Biometric authentication include scanning Fingerprint, IRIS, Face recognition, Voice recognition, Password. The latest trend of Biometric Technology is highly in demand because it has special solution of security and moreover the data has been saved on Cloud. So that, it can be remotely accessed via internet. 

In the coming future the Trend of Biometric is become very popular and demanded. Everyone is moving at Biometric Security Solution.Biometric authentication, such as fingerprint scans, are becoming more popular. As in our personal device the Fingerprint Scanner are present which make our Mobile Phones more secure and it is more convenient to use. When it come to security the Fingerprint scanner are more secured than Password, which is more secured. All the latest trends involved in Biometric Technology make the process of authentication, such as fingerprint scans, are becoming more popular. 

Monday, 22 October 2018

TimeWatch introducing the new Guard Patrolling System

TimeWatch is the best leading company of Biometric device amongst the other. As we know the demand of Biometric device is growing in international also because it help us to maintaining accurate record of the member of organization. We are coming up with the new biometric device of Guard Patrolling System which is specially designed for the guards. This new invention of Biometric device is very helpful for those guards who spend his whole night to protect our homes, villas, offices, banks etc. As the traditional Guard Patrolling System is not that much secured because we cannot analyse the workdone of guard at night times. Moreover, we do not authenticate which guard is doing patrolling and for wot period of time he has does his duty.

So we are introducing the most accurate and user-friendly device to analyse the whole report which is actually done by the guard. It help Guards to monitor:

Villas and Flats.
Banks and offices
Public transport time table verification.
Hotel and hospital housekeeping logging.

PT100, RFID  and many more are the most accurate device specially designed for Guard Patrolling System. It help to generate the actual workflow of the guard otherwise mismatch can be happen.

We offered you PT100 Guard Patrolling System is very effective. It work in a single Fingerprint touch. As it is wireless so it is easy to carry by the security guards. It is easy to use. Although it help us to ensure that the ''right" employee makes his or her duty at the correct interval of time.

Friday, 19 October 2018

TimeWatch introducing the new Hotel Door Lock System

We are favored by precious consumers due to offering best Biometric Systems. This system is easy to use and does not get damaged due to constant working up to long time. This system is accessible from us at minimal charges. Moreover, It provide the great security for hotel. This LH3000 RFID Hotel Lock Biometric system can ease the process of check-in check-out  and room access to the guest and clients. It is also very helpful in office to track the attendance of employee in daily basis.

We have marked a distinct position in market by providing the best service of Biometric machine. To meet the various requirements of customer we are involved in providing the best security solution of Biometric Machine.


Software                                             ZKBiolock Hotel Lock System
Card Type                                           ISO14443 (RFID) Type-A
Operating Temperature                     0 - 45 C
Package Dimension                           410X218X145 mm
Net Weight                                          3kg
Door Thickness                                  35-55 mm

#Long working life
#High quality range
#affordable price
#easy installation
For more information please visit our site http://timewatchindia.com

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Student Attendance Solution

 TimeWatch is a single place of all your basic needs.

Punctuality is always a first lesson for every child and teacher in their premises. TimeWatch is always trying to make the education system more bright and successful. We all know the fact maintaining detail of students punctuality through traditional system is quite difficult. That's why we are coming up with the best solution to ensure the better result of student Attendance. TimeWatch introduce Web Based Time Attendance & Online Leave Management System to manage the punctuality of student. This Software solution is very efficient and user-friendly to use.

It is a system that help us to maintain attendance of the students and also help us to find the record. Everyone now wants to apply this technology with its best quality and features. World is going to unlock many potential in the field of biometric technology. 
 There is an increase in the frequency of usages of biometric device for data management of student with great accuracy and security.  

We work according to the requirements of the users and clients with some customized features. http://timewatchindia.com/

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Complete Solution For Attendance And Access

TimeWatch is a best service providing company from many years in the field of security. We provide the better security system for time and attendance. TimeWatch help us to keep our society safe and secure. As we all know it's a digital era everyone wants to do their work efficiently and effectively. So, we are coming up with Biometric device which is very efficient and effective to manage the data and also keep it secure. As we know that traditional data management system is not that much sufficient because we have to manage  the record by writing on paper so there is lack of security to manage and calculate the actual work done by a person.

TimeWatch is coming up with the best solution to manage the access on attendance. We provide the Biometric devices which provides the complete solution for Attendance and its access. This device is very efficient to use because you don't have to maintain the record on register. This Biometric device provide you a great solution with high security for your Home, Offices, Bank, Schools etc. This device is very user friendly.This device is very useful to manage all the activities of all the members of your organization. Biometric device make your work easier.

Professional Access Control Device

TimeWatch is the market leader in India in the field of Auto Identification, Access Control, Data Capturing, ERP Integration, Time Attendance and Customized application as per user’s needs. Our team is working in research of Bio metric device that how to improve the quality of life in the world. The Professional Access Control Device provide you the accuracy of attendance and work force of all the members of your organization. This Bio metric device is very reliable and provide high flexibility through Password/Card/Fingerprint. This device is very flexible and provide the great accuracy of data management. The Professional Access Control Device provides the high security as data is saved on cloud so it is difficult to get hack.

Traditional Access Control Device is quite difficult to manage that's why TimeWatch is Coming up with new and more flexible device with great security to maintain record and workflow. This Bio metric device is used for user validity and provide authenticity to the actual user. The professionals have not much time to fill all the details in daily basis So that TimeWatch provide the device with Push Technology which is very efficient to use. In the coming year we will come with more flexible Bio metric device to make your work easier and provide the great functionality with high security.  

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Biometric and Access Control Technology: Transform your Organization Security with India's ... : It is a fact that organization without ...