Friday, 25 October 2019

Enhance your Security with TimeWatch Biometric and Access Control Accessories

Today one of the most strong and excellent biometric authentication system is Iris, Face, Fingerprint. They are excellent in performance in term of False Acceptance Rate and easy to use at minimum time. This several recognition mechanism is being deployed in many diverse range of application like forensic department, IoT, Health Care, banking, institute, etc. Time Watch, being a known name in the industry designed Biometric Time Attendance and Access ControlSystem and other security providing gadgets utilizing advanced technology and premium quality materials.
History of Biometric
The time before artificial intelligence and machine learning the manual method are using to manage security but on another hand it was being used by forensic lab to identify and authenticate person. Most common feature of biometric fingerprint, face, iris are getting used at that time but there  has been a further advancement in these areas like retinal scan, signature, voice pattern and palm print. It clearly indicates the fact the popularity of biometrics is increasing at an alarming rate. And help your business, organization to enhance security in terms of performance when compared to behavioral traits like keystroke, voice, and signature. As a result, biometric authentication has to be updated at regular intervals. Biometrics is also known by the name biometric recognition as an individual can be identified depending upon the physiological traits.

Biometric With Access control system 

Biometric Access Control System is a time attendance control device using fingerprint access. It would keep track and record information of entry and exit of a person. It is installed at highly confidential spots to ensure optimal security. This control device uses a fingerprint rather than a card system. Our biometric device help–in increasing productivity and revenue for specific organization

One of the benefits of installing our Biometric and other security solution is that it delivers optimal security and does not require regular maintenance. Moreover, it also reduces maintenance costs. Just click on the link for further details on the related product.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Improved your Security with Dual Iris Recognition System

Iris Recognition System is a part of Biometric Technology derive by Artificial Intelligence  to improved the level of security and bring accuracy.  It is a next generation biometric technology provide real-time image quality with 100% satisfaction. It is easy to use and has user-friendly interface. It provide high quality image. It is fast, simple and fully intuitive for all subjects, including non-acclimated ones.  The EF-45 face imaging sensor detects and displays the subject’s face at up to 1.0 meter from the system on the high resolution color display. It can adjust the size of image

In the present day we are seeing that Mobile phones are also using Iris Recognition to unlock phone. because it is considered to be more secure due to its transparent cornea, iris is visible with naked eye from outside, while retina, being on posterior portion in the eye makes iris more accurate secure than other authentication mechanism. Iris is unique for each individual but face can be vary due to plastic surgery, face mask it is considered as less accurate. Iris recognition is one of the least deployed biometric methods because of high cost of the implementation and its highly invasive nature that may cause some user discomfort. Still, it is used is very high security applications like military and high level government access due to its accuracy and high level of security. So if any sector want to secure their premises they must go with highly secured technology which is non- another then Iris. It is found to be the best, fast, simple, accurate, invasive biometric technology of next generation.

Key Features
  • Iris recognition has a proven highest accuracy rate. 
  • Iris recognition to have no false matches in over two million cross-comparisons.
  • Iris recognition is able to handle very large populations at high speed. It has the capacity to perform very large 1:N
  • Iris biometric is very convenient and the individual simply needs to do look into a camera for a few seconds. The process captures a video image that is non-invasive and inherently safe.

The iris is very stable and remains unchanged throughout a person’s life.

Comparison Between  Face Recognition  & Iris Recognition
Face Recognition                                                                     Iris Recognition

Non-invasive                                                                             Highly invasive
Low distinctiveness                                                                Highly distinctive
Low accuracy                                                                            High accuracy
Low security                                                                              High security

Hence, Iris recognition are very  reliable modality for biometric identification.  It is best mechanism to maintain large database. A large number of people around the globe have been taken on iris recognition, for security and accommodation purposes such as border control, and some national ID systems based on this innovation are being sent. Other than its speed of coordinating and its outrageous protection from False Matches, a key favorable position of iris acknowledgment is the soundness of the iris as an inward, ensured, yet remotely unmistakable organ of the eye.

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Biometric and Access Control Technology: Transform your Organization Security with India's ... : It is a fact that organization without ...